Pricing & Membership Benefits

Our monthly subscription model is aimed to be in sync with your pace and vision. Once you're on board, we put together a roadmap for project deliverables, MVP 1.0, parked items and leave space for new ideas.

Items are queued based on priority and then work through them one by one. Higher tiers give you higher resource allocation and faster progress, lower tiers ensure predictable long-term progress.

Unsure? Select Discovery Pace to experience Kiuub. Pause, cancel or change plan anytime, all deliverables stay yours.

Choose the plan that fits you

Discovery Pace

3 995 € /mo
Single work-stream
Full-service product team
Unlimited requests & revisions
40–60 hours monthly allocation
Easy card payment
Cancel, change or pause anytime

Standard Pace

5 995 € /mo
Multiple work-streams / Double capacity
Full-service product team
Scrum sprints
Unlimited requests & revisions
60–100 hours monthly allocation
Easy card payment
Cancel, change or pause anytime

Rapid Pace

13 995 € /mo
Multiple work-streams / Increased capacity
Full-service product team
Scrum sprints
Unlimited requests & revisions
180–240 hours monthly allocation
Easy card payment
Cancel, change or pause anytime

All You Need in One Subscription

Fixed Monthly Rate
No scope creep & unexpected costs
Flexible & Scalable
Speed up or slow down as you need, one click away
Customer Dashboard
Track usage, work blocks, requests, outstanding hours
Easy Cancellation
Cancel or pause anytime through our portal
All yours
Whenever you decide to cancel, all deliverables always stay yours
Let's get to know each other in an intro call; otherwise, we try to stay async

Services included in your subscription


Digital Product


No Code
Frontend Dev

No code
Backend Dev

Go-to Market
Strategy Building



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Who are our customers?

We accompany early-stage founders from their first MVPs to production grade app, serial entrepreneurs juggling multiple projects, venture studios, and busy individuals with many ideas. We take the whole product ownership off your shoulders.

What usecases do you focus on?

We specialise in building advanced web applications with complex integrations. Anything more complex than a website with a form.‍ We excel in creating double-sided marketplaces like Airbnb, real estate portals like Zillow, and AI-powered SaaS tools. Our aim is to accelerate the growth of emerging businesses by developing purpose-built software rapidly. Testing ideas in weeks, not months.

What is no code development?

No code development involves creating software applications without traditional coding. This approach has gained significant popularity due to its efficiency and accessibility. It allows for rapid prototyping, and deployment, making it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs, and companies that want to bring their visions to life quickly.

How does it compare to traditional development?

Compared to traditional development, our no-code approach can reduce costs by up to 60%. It's not only cheaper, but also faster to iterate, as your product vision evolves. We start delivering from day one with an MVP, and continuously iterate in 2-week sprints. Unlike traditional development that requires months of initial setup.

No code performance & scalability?

We have evolved our tech stack to scalable and performance focused stack. Our architecture uses separate frontend, and backend. Rather than relying on second-generation all-in-one tools such as Bubble.

What is your tech stack?

Our tech stack is streamlined, and efficient, primarily utilising two frontend tools (Webflow and WeWeb), and two backend tools (Supabase and Xano). For product design and collaborative planning, we rely on FigJam and Figma.

Can I add custom code?

Absolutely! While we specialize in no-code development, we often incorporate custom code elements to meet specific needs or add unique functionalities. This allows us to tailor our solutions even more closely to your vision.

Why subscription model?

We adopt a subscription model for two key reasons. First, it supports a predictable development process, and ensures continuous journey across the roadmap. Second, we are your product partner, offering continuous support, flexibility for adjustments, new features and updates. This model keeps us in sync with your vision.

Shouldn’t I just hire in-house dev team?

Hiring a full-time in-house development team (product, devs, design expert) can be costly, often exceeding 100k EUR annually. Additionally, there may not be consistent work to keep them fully engaged, leading to underutilised resources. Our subscription model offers a more cost-effective solution, allowing you to pause and resume as needed, while having a full product team onboard.

What is a “work block”?

A work block is a defined stream of work completed in a 14-day sprint. The number of work blocks, we handle concurrently, depends on your subscription tier. With higher tiers you receive more parallel work blocks, which allows you faster progress, and delivery.

When can I expect first deliverables?

You can expect to receive your first deliverables, including a clear roadmap, initial designs, or even a first MVP, within 1-3 weeks, depending on the project's complexity.

What if I only have a small project?

For smaller projects, we recommend starting with our "Initial" subscription. After completion, you can pause the subscription, and return to us later. You can utilise any prepaid volume for further needs, ensuring you get the most value from our services.

How does the pause feature work?

You can pause your subscription anytime through our client portal. Upon resuming, you can utilise the outstanding allocation, providing flexibility, and control over the development process and costs.

What if I cancel?

If you decide to cancel your subscription with us, you retain full ownership of all data, designs, and system architecture developed during our cooperation. You can effortlessly transition the work to an in-house team or a junior developer. All the foundational work – from system architecture to design – will be thoroughly prepared and in perfect working condition.

What does async mean?

Async communication means we mostly interact through our chat, using video demos and notes. This approach saves you time, eliminates timezone scheduling issues, speeds up development, and allows us to focus more on building your app. We start with an initial meeting, and then switch to async communication where it makes sense.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, our referral program rewards you with a 500 EUR/USD bonus for every successful referral. New customers get 500 EUR/USD off their first month. Just email us ( for a promo code. Payments are made via bank transfer, and there’s no limit to your earnings.

How do I start today?

To get started with Kiuub, simply select the “Initial Pace” subscription. This allows us to immediately begin working together on your project's roadmap, initial product increments, and design. As we progress, you can adjust your plan at any time to match your desired pace. Plus, if you decide to cancel after the first month, all deliverables created during that time remain yours.

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